Company Name Change

After a company has been incorporated, it is possible to change its currently registered name to a completely new name at any time and 121 Company Formation offers a company name change service to undertake this for you.

How does a company change its name?

Firstly, once you have decided on a new name for your company, you will have to check that the name is available and is not currently being used by another company.

Once you have established that your new company name is able to be used, we will then complete the appropriate documentation and submit this on your behalf to Companies House who will confirm the change of name has been processed within 48 hours, often sooner depending on its workload.

Although the company’s name has changed, the company’s registered number will remain the same and therefore the change of name will appear in the company’s filing history. There is no way to conceal the company’s original name in the records held at Companies House but, if you do prefer that this is not revealed, the only option would be to close the original company down using our company closure service and incorporate a new company using your new chosen company name.

If a company changes its actual structure, for example it decides to become a public limited company (plc) rather than a private limited company, this does not constitute a company name change despite the fact it would become ABC plc rather than ABC Ltd.

What is included in the company name change service?

  •   We will complete form NM01 and submit this to Companies House on your behalf
  •   We will pay the appropriate Companies House fee
  •   We will take receipt of the Certificate of Incorporation on Change of Name which confirms that your company’s new name has been registered and forward this to you electronically

How can I order the company name change of your company's service and how much does this cost?

You can order this service directly from our website or, if you would prefer to seek further advice, please email us at [email protected]

The one-off cost of the company name change service is £39.99.


Simply visit our homepage , enter the company name into the name check portal and we will confirm whether it is available to use or not. As this facility is free, you can try as many variations of a name or a completely new name as many times as you like until you decide on your company’s new name. It should be noted that even though a company name is available, the name still has to be approved by Companies House before a change of name can be processed.
Every company name has to be approved by Companies House and if the name contains a sensitive name or phrase then supporting documentation to justify its use will be required, details of which we will supply when you place an order for our company name change service. There may be an additional administration fee for the extra work involved in this process.
Having established that your new company name is available to use and Companies House has approved it, on receipt of the completed form NM01, the process of changing your company’s name will begin and will be confirmed by the issuing of a Certificate of Incorporation on Change of Name.
The Certificate of Incorporation on Change of Name will supersede the original Certificate of Incorporation and it will bear both the original name of the company and its new name as well as the company registration number which will remain the same.
No because this involves a change in the company’s share structure rather than simply being a change of name although 121 Company formation can help you to do this if you wish to do so.
  •   The company’s bank
  •   HMRC – all departments
  •   Customers and suppliers
  •   Service and utility providers
  •   Local council and other relevant authorities
  •   All business contacts

Don’t forget that the company’s stationery as well as its website, domain name and email address will all need to be updated to reflect the company’s change of name too.

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