Certificate of Good Standing

Certificate of Good Standing

Companies House will issue a Certificate of Good Standing to a company that has continued in existence from the day it was incorporated, is up to date in filing statutory documents, has at least one director who is an individual (not a corporate entity) and if no action is currently being taken to strike if off the register.

Upon request and payment of the appropriate fee, Companies House will send the Certificate of Good Standing to the company’s registered address. A copy is also available electronically if required more quickly but this will not bear the signature of a Companies House officer.

What will the Certificate of Good Standing verify?

  •   Company’s name and number
  •   Date of incorporation
  •   Registered office address
  •   Details of the company secretary and directors
  •   Confirmation that the company has been in continuous existence from the day it was incorporated
  •   Confirmation that no action is being to strike the company off the register or place it in liquidation
  •   Confirmation the company is up to date in filing statutory documents

Why might I need a Certificate of Good Standing?

There are various reasons why a company might require a Certificate of Good Standing, some examples are:

  •   To access UK business banking facilities , especially if the company directors are not UK residents
  •   To access overseas business banking facilities for a UK registered limited company
  •   To trade with overseas suppliers
  •   To set up an overseas office
  •   To reassure potential investors, suppliers, clients and financial resources as the company’s credibility

How can I order a Certificate of Good Standing and how much does this cost?

You can order this service directly from our website or, if you would prefer to seek further advice, please email us at [email protected]

The cost of the Certificate of Good Standing is £59.99.

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