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Every customer of 121 Company Formation is offered free access to our admin portal where they can manage their company activities using our website.

Whether you are a new or an existing user, here we present a step by step guide to creating an account and optimising its use to make your life so much easier. You will be able to keep track and check the progress of any orders placed as well as manage your account.

Registering as a new user

To create an account, you will need to enter your email address, a password of your choosing and then you will be instructed to enter certain basic contact information. Following registration you will then be able to create an account and either use 121 Company Formation to incorporate a new company and purchase any additional services required or import an existing company into your account.

Logging onto your account

Once you have registered or if you already hold an account, simply enter your log in details which the 121 Company Formation admin portal will automatically recognise.

My Account

Here you can update or amend your contact details including the email address where scanned documents should be sent. You can also change your username and password at any time.


Here you can access all your incorporated companies together with their registration numbers and authentication codes rather than having this information in separate documents. This also means that the process of incorporating a new company in the future will be much quicker since you can use previously saved information when completing the online application process.

Any of your previously incorporated companies can also be imported here allowing you to update records or notify any changes to Companies House.


This facility shows you all the 121 Company Formation services that you are using or have used which may have now expired or been cancelled. You can view each service and either update it or renew it depending on your requirements.

Order history

This function allows you to view your order history with the benefit of real time updates of the status of any current orders. From here you can also view and print invoices as well as keeping track of your payment history.

The Admin Portal

The Admin Portal has been designed to allow you to easily order 121 Company Formation services and then keep track of every aspect of your company’s statutory requirements.

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