Company Secretary

A company secretary is appointed to take responsibility for a company’s administration. Over the years this function has become less formal to the extent that it is no longer a legal requirement. This role can be held by a company director.

A company secretary is officially responsible for helping with:
  •  Completing and submitting all statutory documents to Companies House and HMRC
  •  Updating and maintaining the company’s records and registers including reporting changes to both HMRC and Companies House
  •  Organising board meetings and taking the minutes
  •  Authorising documents on behalf of the company’s directors

At the time of incorporation or any time after this, 121 Company Formation with require the following details for the company secretary you wish to appoint:
  •   Full name
  •   Service address
  •   Residential address (not shown on the public record)
  •   Country if residence
  •   Nationality
  •   Date of birth
  •   Occupation (Company secretary or director if applicable will suffice)

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