Silver Package

The one-off fee for the Silver Package is just £35.99

The Silver Package is the best option for those who are looking to set a company up for a relatively low cost but with the full support of a highly experienced company formation facility.
Despite being a relatively cost effective package, nevertheless the Silver Package provides you with a full set of incorporation documents in both PDF and printed format.

What does the Silver Package include?

The Silver Package offers extremely good value and full support and includes:

  • An incorporated limited company that is ready to begin trading
  • Officers of the company appointed
  • Ordinary shares issued 
  • A PDF file containing the Certificate of Incorporation, the Memorandum and Articles of Association and the share certificate/s
  • Printed copies of the above documents
  • Free access to your company management portal
  • Free fast-track referral service for business banking facilities

We offer a very quick service – your company will be usually formed within three to four hours of placing your order subject to Companies House activity

What we do to incorporate your company

  • We check that your chosen company name is available for use and suggest alternatives if this is not the case
  • Complete the company incorporation application form with details of the company secretary, directors, shareholders, registered address and director service address, if applicable. Please see below for a detailed explanation of these.
  • Submit the application to Companies House together with the appropriate fee
  • You will then receive a confirmation by email, usually within 24 hours, that your company has been incorporated and registered at Companies House


The role of a director is to be legally responsible for running the company and making sure statutory information is submitted to the Companies House on time.
The shareholders of a limited company effectively own the company whose agreement may be necessary if the directors wish to make any changes to the way in which the company is run.

Each limited company must have at least one shareholder but it is permitted to have as many as it wishes. There is no limit to the maximum number of issued shares that an individual can hold and, in the case of many smaller companies, one shareholder will hold 100% of the issued share capital.
In the UK, every company is by law required to have a registered office address which must be a physical address rather than, for example, a PO Box or similarly non-locatable building. This address must appear on almost every document or media content it produces so it makes sense to use the 121 Company Formation registered address service so that you have a prestigious registered office address in London to present a professional image.
Yes, anyone can form a UK registered limited company. Providing the registered address is within the UK, neither the directors nor shareholders are required to be UK residents. This is another advantage of using our registered address service.
Yes, every year, your company is required to file a confirmation statement at Companies House. This document verifies the information held about the company’s directors, company secretary, registered office, share capital and its shareholders including persons with significant control. Even if none of this information has changed since the last confirmation statement was filed, or if the company is dormant, one must be filed annually under company law.

121 Company Formation offers a confirmation statement filing service that will make sure that your company complies with this legal requirement and that therefore all information held for your company at Companies House is up to date and accurate.

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