Service address

A service address

A service address is the name of the official correspondence address of a director, secretary, subscriber, LLP member or Person with Significant Control (PSCs). All of these individuals are legally required to provide a service address for the public record when they join a company during or after incorporation.
When a company is incorporated, a director must include their residential address and a service address. Directors do not have to live in the UK, but directors must provide a service address (or ‘correspondence’ address) in the UK, which will also be publicly available. Director's residential address will remain private.


What is the difference between a registered office address and a directors’ service address?


A registered office address is the official ‘home’ address of a limited company or LLP where statutory mail is received. A service address is the official contact address of a company director, where he or she will receive personal statutory mail from Companies House and HMRC.
Both of these addresses are required under UK company law and displayed on public record; however, unlike a registered office address, a directors’ service address can be anywhere in the world. If you wish, you can use the same postal address as a registered office address and a directors’ service address
You will be required to send through the following documentation for both Registered Office as part of our KYC (Know Your Client obligations):

  • Certified copy of your passport clearly showing your photo and details
  • A recent certified copy (no more than 3 months old) of a bank statement or utility bill with your name clearly present (cannot be mobile phone bills)

What is 121 Company Formation Director’s Service address?
3rd Floor, 207 Regent Street, London W1B 3HH


Using this service your company will be registered at our address and we will scan and email your director’s official government mail to any address in the world. The service is renewable annually and a reminder will be sent to you via email.