Registered office address

In the UK, every company is by law required to have a registered office address which must be a physical address rather than, for example, a PO Box or similarly non-locatable building.

This is the address to which statutory documents and official correspondence will be sent by government departments as well as where other parties such as banks, shareholders, customers, suppliers and the general public will send correspondence to.

Any document or stationery that the company produces and distributes, for example correspondence, invoices, promotional material, must bear the registered office address.

Our Registered Office address is:
3rd Floor
207 Regent Street

If you would like to use this as your company’s registered office address, please read the information below about the benefits of doing so. When you are ready to proceed, as part of our Know Your Client undertaking, we will require the following documentation:

  •   A copy of the page of your passport bearing your photograph and personal data
  •   A copy of either a bank statement or utility bill dated within the last 3 months that shows your name and address


  •   It ensures that your company meets the requirements of UK company law which states that all limited companies must have a registered office address in the country in which they were first incorporated.
  •   It enables correspondence from government departments and agencies, such as HMRC and Companies House, to be delivered to one address.
  •   A prestigious registered office address in London on all company documents will present a professional image.
  •   The residential address of any directors will not be disclosed thereby protecting their privacy and avoiding the possibility of unwanted visitors calling at their home address.
  •   There will be a defined distinction between business and home affairs.
  •   Unsolicited mail will be delivered to the registered office address rather than to a home address.
  •   A registered office address in the UK is often a requirement for clients who operate internationally.
  •   A prestigious central London office address will widen the company’s customer base and appeal to potential investors particularly if it operates from a small town or rural location.


A company’s registered address must appear on almost every document or media content it produces including:

  •   Letterheads and e-mails
  •   Invoices and statements
  •   Purchase orders and customer receipts
  •   Company website
  •   Marketing material


  •   Simply select the ‘Order’ icon above and enter all the details requested.
  •   Select the method of payment, complete the required information and make payment.
  •   Attach the documentation required for identification purposes as detailed above.
  •   You will then receive an email acknowledging your order to which an invoice is attached.
  •   Companies House will need to be notified of the new registered office address if you have previously used a different address.
  •   We will ensure all correspondence received from government departments and agencies is immediately forwarded to the correspondence address provided on the order form.


Correspondence from government departments and agencies will be received at the registered office address which will be addressed to your company name. We will automatically forward any such mail to the correspondence address we hold for you which can be anywhere in the world.

Please note that only official company correspondence will be forwarded and the service does not apply to general correspondence of any nature.

However, we can also arrange to forward all other mail addressed to your company if you choose to use our trade mail forwarding service.

There is an annual fee payable for this service and we will automatically invite you to renew your subscription at the appropriate time.


It is possible to change a company’s registered address at any time by completing the appropriate form provided by Companies House. However, all company documents, stationery and media tools including the company website will also have to be updated.
Yes, if you would prefer not to disclose your home address on documentation held at Companies House which is accessible to the general public, then you can choose to use our service address service.
Not only statutory correspondence from government agencies and bodies including Companies House will automatically be forwarded but all other mail can be forwarded if you select our annual trade mail forwarding service for which a separate fee is payable.
This includes any item addressed to your company from:
  •   HMRC – documentation relating to tax, VAT, employer/employee etc.
  •   Companies House
  •   Government Gateway
  •   IPO
  •   Plus any other correspondence that is clearly from a governing body within the UK
Whilst it is perfectly legal under company law to use your residential address as your company’s registered office address, this does have some disadvantages. Your home address will appear on the company information held at Companies House which is accessible to the general public and may also be used by marketing companies to send unsolicited mail.

Furthermore, officially any inspection of the company’s records must take place at the company’s registered address and, although an inspection is unlikely, it would not be ideal for this to be undertaken in your home.

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