Registered office address

In the UK, by law every company is required to have a registered office address. This must be a physical address rather than, for example, a PO Box or similarly non-locatable building.


  • Meet the legal UK requirements for your registered company
  • Enhance the professional image of your company with a prestigious Central London address
  • Keeps your private address off official records and maintains the privacy of your personal address
  • Maintain separation between private and company affairs
  • Have statutory documents and official correspondence forwarded to an address of your choice
  • Avoid receiving junk and other unsolicited mail to your private address


  • A company’s registered address must appear on almost every document or media content it produces including:
  • Letterheads and e-mails
  • Invoices and statements
  • Purchase orders and customer receipts
  • Company website
  • Marketing material


  1. Purchase the service and attach the required documentation (A copy of your passport and a copy of either a bank statement or utility bill that shows your name and address and is dated within the last 3 months). We will send you an email confirming your order, your invoice, along with the documentation you will need to submit to complete the process
  2. If you are currently using a different registered company address, we will notify Companies House of the change to the new registered office address on your behalf:
    3rd Floor, 207 Regent Street, London, W1B 3HH
  3. Once Companies House has been notified - and all other relevant parties - we will begin forwarding all statutory documents and official correspondence to an address of your choice, anywhere in the world
  4. Renew the service on an annual basis to retain use of your new prestigious Central London registered office
    Interested in having all your general correspondence, not just official company correspondence, forwarded to your chosen address?
    Upgrade to our trade mail forwarding service.


For just <<£89.99>> purchase the Registered Office service through our website or for further information email us at

Registered office address


Purchase this service to: -

  • Use our prestigious Central London address as your registered office address
  • Enhance the professional image of your company
  • Retain privacy of your personal address
  • Maintain separation between private and company affairs
  • Have statutory documents and official correspondence forwarded to an address of your choice


Absolutely! You can change your company’s registered address at any time by completing the appropriate form which is provided by Companies House. Thereafter, update your company documents, website, stationery and any other materials with your new prestigious Shelton Street London address.
Yes, if you would prefer not to disclose your home address on documentation held at Companies House which is accessible to the general public, then you can choose to use our prestigious Shelton Street London service address.
Only statutory correspondence from government agencies and bodies such as Companies House will be forwarded to your chosen address. To have all mail forwarded, select our trade mail forwarding service for which a separate fee is payable.
Statutory correspondence includes any item addressed to your company from:
  • HMRC – documentation relating to tax, VAT, employer/employee etc.
  • Companies House

Official correspondence from Companies House and HMRC will also be forwarded to you.
Legally you can use your personal residential address as your company’s business office address. However, there are some major disadvantages to doing so. Firstly, your home address will appear on the company information held at Companies House, and this is accessible to the general public (e.g. it can be used by marketing and other companies to send unsolicited mail).

Secondly, any inspection of the company’s records must take place at the company’s registered address. While inspections are unlikely, company members tend to avoid having this conducted in their homes.

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