Confirmation statement

Every year, your company is required to file a confirmation statement at Companies House. This document, which used to be known as the Annual Return, confirms certain important details about the structure of a limited company or an LLP on a certain date every year which usually coincides with the date of the company’s incorporation.

The confirmation statement verifies the information held about the company’s directors, company secretary, registered office, share capital and its shareholders including persons with significant control. Even if none of this information has changed since the last confirmation statement was filed, or if the company is dormant, one must be filed annually under company law.

121 Company Formation offers a confirmation statement filing service that will make sure that your company complies with this legal requirement and that therefore all information held for your company at Companies House is up to date and accurate.

It is important that confirmation statements are filed promptly since, although any late filing will not result in financial penalties being incurred, Failure to file confirmation statements will lead to the company getting struck off the register.

Confirmation statement filing date

The confirmation statement is filled at least once every 12 months, and the due date is referred to as the 'confirmation date', which usually coincide with the date that your company was incorporated unless you previously filed a confirmation statement earlier or later than that date in which case the due date will fall one year after this was filed.

You will automatically receive a reminder that your company is due to file its confirmation statement from Companies House. Depending on how you have chosen to correspond with Companies House, this will either take the form of an email alert or a letter will be sent to the registered address of the company.

Any information that is incorrect or has changed since the last confirmation statement was filed must be accurately updated before filing at Companies House and this must be done no later than 14 days after the due date.

What information does a confirmation statement contain?

You will need to ensure that the information Companies House has about your company is correct so your confirmation statement must include up to date details of:

  •   The company’s registered office
  •   The SAIL address (Single Alternative Inspection Location where a company or LLP can keep its statutory records and make them available for public inspection)
  •   The  SIC code that identifies what the company does
  •   Details of the directors
  •   Details of the company secretary
  •   Statement of capital
  •   Details of the shareholders and the number and class of shares held by each
  •   Details of any share transfers or share issues
  •   A register of persons with significant control (PSC)

How can I arrange for 121 Company Formation to file my confirmation statement?

You can request this service by either ordering the confirmation statement service through our website or by contacting us via email at [email protected]

Once we have received all the details we require from you, including changes to any of the items listed above, we will complete the confirmation statement on your behalf either reporting those changes or indicating that there has been none.

We will then file the confirmation statement electronically at Companies House who will send confirmation of its receipt and acceptance.

How much does the confirmation statement filing service cost?

This annual service costs £39.99 including the Companies House fee. We will automatically send you a reminder when the next filing date is imminent so that you will not forget to file this important document.


It contains all the relevant information about a company every year and confirms any changes since the last document was filed
EAssuming that there have been no changes to the details held for the directors, secretary and registered office, all we will require is information regarding:
  •   Any change in the nature of what the company does that might affect its SIC code
  •   Any change of details for the company’s shareholders
  •   Any change of details for the company’s shareholders
It is a legal requirement that every limited company files a confirmation statement every year within 14 days of the due date indicated on the reminder received from Companies House.
Whilst no financial penalties are levied for the late filing of a confirmation statement, Companies House may decide to take action against the directors of the company which may result in the company being struck off and, as failure to file confirmation statements is a criminal offence, directors may also be fined personally in the criminal courts.

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